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Aaron MarksJune 08, 2022
Skiff collaborates with Brave browser on log in

Skiff is thrilled to announce the release of a new option to log into Skiff with Brave Wallet. Over 55 million individuals browse the internet using Brave as their primary browser every month. Skiff is excited to partner-up with Brave to give as many people as possible seamless and secure access to Skiff Mail and Pages.

This integration is technically groundbreaking and provides all Brave users access to privacy-respecting, end-to-end encrypted collaboration. Internally, Skiff already functions a lot like a crypto wallet - safeguarding key pairs and other sensitive information for your documents, identity, and team. We’ve written about this in past blogs on collaboration and in our technical whitepaper. Using Brave Wallet’s ability to encrypt and decrypt data, Skiff is able to create an account and end-to-end encrypt documents and email using the wallet.

How to log into Skiff with Brave

If you are on the Brave Browser, you’ll now see an option to “Login via Brave Wallet” on the login page.

Once you click “Login via Brave Wallet” you’ll immediately be prompted to sign a login token - an attestation that you own your Ethereum wallet:

As the final step, you’ll then be asked for your encryption public key, which is used to secure your Skiff login token and password. From there, the normal Skiff login process begins - choosing a theme (light or dark mode), setting a display name, enabling account recovery and finally setting up your new Skiff Mail email alias.

That’s it! You’ll then have access to writing, collaboration, and sharing — all with your Brave Wallet address.


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